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New Hire Welcome Packets

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Type Name Title Modified Action
Adjunct Welcome Packet 05/15/2023
Administrator & Academic Supervisory Welcome Packet 02/13/2023
Classified Welcome Packet 04/04/2023
Faculty Welcome Packet 02/13/2023
Short-term and Substitute Welcome Packet 02/11/2022
Student Assistant Welcome Packet 02/13/2023
Volunteer Services Welcome Packet 03/27/2018
pdf Employee State Withholding DE4-2023.pdf 01/05/2023
pdf Employee Federal Withholding W4-2023.pdf 01/05/2023
pdf HireRight_Consumer_Disclosure_Consent_Standard.pdf 10/31/2022
pdf Request for Live Scan Service.pdf 02/11/2022
pdf Sick_Leave_Transfer_Request_Form.pdf 02/02/2022
pdf i-9-pdf.pdf 01/04/2021
pdf Human_Resources_Welcome_Contact.pdf 09/18/2020
url I-9_Employment_Eligibility_USCISWebsite.url 03/15/2018
pdf New_Hire_Workers_Compensation_Notice.pdf 02/07/2018
pdf Approver Instructions for Websmart Approving Work Hours.pdf 02/07/2018
pdf WebSmart_Tutorial_Employee_Services.pdf 02/07/2018
pdf New_Hire_Retirement_System_Membership_Info_Form.pdf 02/07/2018
pdf Tuberculosis_Procedure.pdf 02/07/2018
pdf Employee_Badge_FAQ.pdf 02/07/2018
pdf Student_Athlete_Declaration_of_Eligibility.pdf 02/07/2018
pdf Victims_of_Domestic_Violence_Leave_Notice.pdf 02/07/2018
url NonResident Alien Instructions Completing W4.url 02/07/2018
url IRS Simulation W4 Completion.url 02/07/2018
url I-9 Employer Handbook USCIS Website (Samples Included).url 02/07/2018
pdf Employees WebTime Entry Work Hours.pdf 02/07/2018
pdf Elder_Dependent_Adult__Abuse_Reporting_Policy.pdf 02/07/2018
pdf Emergency_Contacts.pdf 02/07/2018
pdf Child_Abuse_Reporting_Policy.pdf 02/07/2018
pdf Loyalty_Oath_Policy.pdf 02/07/2018
pdf DMV Employer Pull Notice.pdf 02/07/2018
pdf I-9_Instructional Page_for_Employment_Eligibility_Verification_Form.pdf 02/07/2018
pdf W-2_Consent_Form.pdf 02/07/2018
pdf Issuing Authorities for I-9 Form.pdf 02/07/2018