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Type Name Title Modified Action
pdf Employee_Handbook.pdf 11/06/2019
pdf Student Assistant Rules - April 2019.pdf 04/09/2019
pdf SMCCCD EEO Plan - June 2018.pdf 03/05/2019
pdf Reference Checking Guide - September 2018.pdf 12/20/2018
pdf NEW INCIDENT REPORTING.pdf 02/07/2018
pdf Faculty_Equivalency-Minimum_Qualifications_Process_and_Application_Approved_9-21-11.pdf 02/07/2018
pdf Entering Leave in WebSmart-2014-0311.pdf 02/07/2018
pdf Workers_Comp_Mgmt_Procedure.pdf 02/07/2018
pdf Short_Term_and_Substitute_Employment_Policy_&_Procedures.pdf 02/07/2018
pdf Faculty Equivalency-Minimum Qualifications Process Approved 9-21-11.pdf 02/07/2018
pdf Employment_Policies.pdf 02/07/2018
pdf Approving Leave in WebSMART.pdf 02/07/2018
pdf FREQUENTLY_ASKED_QUESTIONS_Stu_Asst_Employment.pdf 02/07/2018
pdf Procedures for Mgmt and Acad Spvry Perf Evals rev311.pdf 02/07/2018
pdf Procedures for Class Prof Confi Spvsry Perf Evals Rev311.pdf 02/07/2018
pdf WebSmart_Tutorial_Employee_Services.pdf 02/07/2018
pdf Injury_Illness_Prevention_Program.pdf 02/07/2018
doc Request for Exception to Student Asst Policy.doc Request for Exception to Student Asst Policy 02/07/2018
pdf San Mateo County Community College District Procedure on Unlawful Discrimination.pdf 02/07/2018
pdf IIPP08 Report of District Vehicle Accident.pdf 02/07/2018
pdf Implementation of New Cellular Telephone Procedure 0209.pdf 02/07/2018