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Type Name Title Modified Action
To Be Arranged Hours (TBA) Compliance 08/23/2020
pdf Minimum Qualification Handbook 2022.pdf 10/25/2022
pdf Program and Course Approval Handbook 7th Edition 102819.pdf 02/18/2020
pdf AB 705 Implementation Memorandum 07 18.pdf.pdf 09/26/2018
doc Units vs. Credit Hours.doc 12/10/2015
pdf Taxonomy of Programs 6th Edition corrected 12.5.13.pdf 10/19/2015
pdf ASCCC Course Enrollment Maximums.pdf ASCCC Course Enrollment Maximums 03/12/2015
pdf SB1440 FAQ AUG 2011 v2.pdf 07/24/2014
pdf Noncredit at a Glance.pdf 07/24/2014
pdf Curr Comm Role Structure Duties and Standards of Good Practice.pdf 07/24/2014
pdf Stylistic Considerations in Writing Course Outlines of Record.pdf 07/24/2014
pdf Course Data Elements Dictionary.pdf 07/24/2014
pdf Title 5 Regulations on Repeats and Withdrawals.pdf 07/24/2014
pdf Credit Course Repetition Guidelines Final.pdf 07/24/2014
pdf Course Outline of Record - Curr. Ref. Guide.pdf 07/24/2014
pdf Traditional Degreesand Certs Proposal Reivew CI July2013.pdf 05/02/2014
pdf Prerequisites Guidelines 55003 Final Feb. 9 2012.pdf 05/02/2014
doc Model District Policy from ASCCC Prereqs etc.doc The Model District Policy 05/02/2014
doc Prereq Guidelines Announcement - Feb. 9 2012.doc STATE OF CALIFORNIA 05/02/2014